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See international artist Élan Vital's stunning commissions in Palm Desert, California.

International artist, Élan Vital, has created and invented his own technique to showcase the beauty and purity of color in his fine art paintings.

Layering the canvas with 30-75 coats of pigments and minerals suspended in an aerospace enamel, Élan builds the depth that light can pass through, much like light illuminating a gemstone.

As with fine studio art glass and gemstones, it is the light traveling through each individual layer of color that makes Élan's fine art paintings so magnificent.

Experience creative and inspiring handcrafted works of amazing aerospace paints and unique sculptures in Élan Vital's Palm Desert Gallery

Élan Vital is collected by those who have an eye for unique and original forms of art.

Currently the number one selling artist of original fine art paintings in the Hawaiian Islands, Élan Vital has sold over 3,000 original paintings, with patrons from around the world.

Élan's art can be seen at Élan's Palm Desert gallery, and in Ka'anapali at The Westin Maui Resort and Spa, Maui, Hawaii.

See the modern and contemporary artworks of Élan Vital, utilizing his Life Force energies into every piece of Art

Divinely inspired, international artist, Élan Vital began his signature work around 1989; combining aerospace enamel, exotic pigments, and finely ground minerals and metals. Utilizing the enamel gave Élan the body he needed to create his greatest works, unique and beautiful fine art paintings and sculptures on canvas.

Élan Vital is not only unique but also a multi-faceted artist working with many mediums, including wood, metal, and glass.